Partnership Title: National Geographic + Nest: Safari Live


Live social storytelling has made our world more connected than ever before. Everyone – from a person on the street with a phone in their hand to iconic brands – have the ability to broadcast exactly what’s happening in front of them, live for the world to see. But, as live storytelling reaches its apex, only National Geographic has both the reach and relevance to drive conversations that matter – all in real time.


Regularly broadcasting live from the Maasai Mara National Wildlife Reserve and Kruger National Parks in Africa across social accounts, National Geographic’s prized product, Safari Live, offers the brand’s global audiences a passenger seat on actual safari, to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most interesting and predacious species. While on-the-ground experts host the live interactive session and navigating the audiences through the African bush, National Geographic adds even more to their Safari Live experience by creating supplemental content packages that are both crafted specifically for individual social platforms and provide an even deeper look at the wildlife found on safari.


National Geographic invited Nest into the field as a sponsor of Safari Live, strategically placing Nest Cams around a high-action watering hole on the preserve – the basecamp for some of Safari Live’s most exciting and up-close animal activity. Data shows that Nest users over-index on pet ownership and regularly engage at high levels with the animal-centric, user generated content created via Nest Cam. In enacting this partnership, National Geographic was able to play to that animal-loving nature of Nest’s target audience by offering viewers an opportunity to get up close and personal with a different variety of animals.


During Safari Live sessions, National Geographic cut to live and non-live feeds of #caughtonNestCam activity, showcasing high-definition footage of safari animals in their natural habitat. The sponsorship placed Nest Cam’s best features on full display in an incredibly unique way, allowing the brand to connect meaningfully with a rapt audience of animal lovers who tune in to the program daily across National Geographic’s social and digital platforms. Live and non-live feeds captured a variety of animals including elephants, lions, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes and more all in their natural habitat




-Drive awareness and brand affinity for Nest through a unique, high impact Nest Cam integration on Safari Live – National Geographic’s fastest growing social community

-Amplify Safari Live content across National Geographic’s far-reaching social and digital channels, to connect with Nest’s target audience and provide measurable results



In addition to benefiting from the massive social scale and built-in audience Safari Live commands, National Geographic provided Nest with strong product integration and brand recognition throughout the sponsorship. Here’s how they did it:



During select Safari Live sessions, National Geographic cut to a live video feed -- captured exclusively on Nest Cam -- that offered a glimpse of the the preserve’s watering hole, a prime location for exiting animal viewing and interactions. 



During the course of the sponsorship, National Geographic created post-produced (non-live) video content -- also exclusively captured by the Nest Cam -- which was distributed across National Geographic’s various social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



In addition to the Nest Cam footage integration, Nest benefitted from shout-outs from National Geographic’s on-camera guides and Nest logos appeared on both live and non-live sessions when Nest Cam footage was shown. 



Additionally, Nest was tagged in all live and non-live posts across National Geographic’s array of social platforms and channels, which both aligned Nest to National Geographic’s trusted content and organically assisted Nest in growing its own social footprint. In total there were 28 live and 8 non-live social posts. On, custom co-branded digital banner ads drove awareness for the partnership and encouraged viewership of Nest Cam-captured Safari Live content. The Nest Cam product message was additionally extended through video pre-roll on the Safari Live hub on and Nest Cam-branded digital banner ads on



Overall, the partnership garnered more than 40.6M+ total social and digital impressions across National Geographic’s key distribution channels, a significant over-delivery 2.5x higher than the planned impression goal for the campaign. But, perhaps more impressive than the overall reach are the social engagement stats. The 36 posts across National Geographic's accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube yielded more than 8.2M+ live social impressions, nearly 2M non-live social impressions, 2.4M+ total video views and more than 107K+ total engagements. Nest Safari Live video views and engagement metrics performed above benchmarks, and generated an overwhelming positive sentiment (92%), with users actively commenting to share their excitement and provide opinions on the animal interactions, demonstrating brand love, appreciation and a passion for animals at the very same time.